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Taxi Creixell

Travel 24 hours a day with Taxi Creixell

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about us

Comfort, spaciousness and safety. To trust in Taxi Creixell is a commitment to excellence in the service, punctuality and professionalism. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

An attentive and professional treatment will take you wherever you tell us to go. Long distance trips? We are the taxi company you can trust in. Are you going on a trip? We take you to the airport, bus or train station. If you are in our holiday town, we do offer different sightseeing tours, so you can get to know us better. We also do closed routes. At Taxi Creixell, we will be at your disposal.

If you want to request one of our services Call us! We will be delighted to take you and pick you up at the time that suits you best. It doesn't matter if you come from abroad because we can offer you our service in English, Catalan, Italian and of course, in Spanish.


Our car is spacious, with capacity for 7 passengers and we offer different forms of payment such as credit cards. Reservations can be made as well.

Travel with us and worry only about enjoying the trip. We are waiting for you!

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Dr pujol, 29 Creixell Tarragona
Dr pujol, 29 Creixell Tarragona
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